Welcome to MAS. How was the first quarter?

sdfasdfa.jpgProgram of Miami Ad School Europe consists of 8 quarters. In quarter 1-4 we have classes in school, quarter 5-8 we have internships in best agencies and the last quarter, we are coming back to finish our portfolio.

Reflections about 1 quarter))

First things you learned in Miami Ad School is a smile and punctuality (if you came on time you already late). Also big smiles of our mentors that’s what we saw on the first day when my two classmates and I run into the school 2 minutes before the deadline.

Advice – If you are into unknown location never trust the “estimated time” of Google maps. Always add some extra time for safe side.

Smile and punctuality are important because you will never have a chance to make a second impression. Fun fact MAS is a dog-friendly school, this adds much more comfort to school.

We also had great workshops in a Facebook office, with amazing people, food, view and free bar and great guests speeches wich I am going to publish in other posts.

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