Cruise ship on the route Tallinn – Helsinki. 40 euros, departure at the morning  – back in the evening, breakfast included. 7 floors, 2 lifts, restaurants, shops, cabins, cargo compartment … well, it is much more than a house.

Sooooo,  I completed with dry facts. And my impression? Oh, I love it! Of course, immediately I remembered Titanic )) How magical is to drink tea and look out the window to the horizon. Thinking about the new place, where no one is waiting for you… absolutely…

I find it as a very romantic  moment )
Of course, I walked around the ship and photos here:



Then I saw these lifeboats, I remembered about Titanic and imagined nearly me Leonardo DiCaprio holding me as a Kate…

MOV_ef7f10ef_b J90B4114      J90B4129  J90B4148  J90B4162


I always wanted to have a penguin as a pet) This is my mascot – Mr P.

J90B4182 J90B4183  J90B4196  J90B4220    J90B4234    J90B4241


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